Big data meet fast data.  When you need instant access to metadata in a High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads or require a dedicated cluster for Massively Parallel Computing (MPC) Analytics environment, make the move to an NVMe-oF Storage Platform that was designed for NVMe from the ground up.  Pavilion Data powers some of the world’s largest and fastest research facilities.  Our deep expertise in parallel file systems and scale-out analytics applications make us the ideal choice to make the next great discovery.

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If you need consistent, reliable quality of service for search, streaming and recommendation engines and across millions of users and billions of stored assets, Pavilion Data has your back.  Deliver operational efficiency at rack-scale without complex software on every host.  Design scale-out systems without worry for storage provisioning, node recovery and application impact if a drive fails.  Enjoy the freedom of OPENCHOICE Storage™ to deploy the latest and largest NVMe SSDs from your preferred drive-maker.  Investment protection, a future-proof architecture and simplicity at scale are just a few of our benefits.
Get orders of magnitude higher-performance while increasing compute density in Spectrum Scale GPFS applications using Pavilion Data’s NVMe-oF Storage Array.
See how Pavilion Data transformed a 120 node, 1.4PB parallel processing cluster using Apache Hadoop® and Spark® from server-side storage with extremely poor utilization to an NVMe-oF rack-scale flash architecture with a single pair of 4U Pavilion appliances.