Let Pavilion Data simplify your digital transformation.  Built for NVMe, our storage system offers migration from traditional NAS architectures with iSCSI protocol support.  Skip the forklift upgrade of your Big Storage supplier.  Plug us in, point your application servers to Pavilion and ride the next wave of data center modernization.  Our customers range from the largest agencies leveraging the speed of off-the-shelf NVMe SSDs for facial recognition to big data analytics for census and population analysis.  With strategic partners aligned to your specific needs, Pavilion Data is GDPR-compliant and rapidly becoming the trusted name in government and agency performance storage.

Law Enforcement and Intel


Facial recognition, event correlation and high-fidelity surveillance are just a few of the mission-critical applications law enforcement and intelligence agencies rely on to achieve their objectives. Legacy storage technologies, such as SAN, NAS and DAS cannot deliver real-time insights at the scale these applications have reached.


Leveraging Pavilion Data’s NVMe-oF Storage Array, agencies are already benefiting from the industry’s fastest I/O speeds with latency as low as 40µ seconds. With the performance, economics, and flexibility of server-side storage and the reliability, security, and manageability of SAN, Pavilion Data makes the impossible, possible.
Learn how to achieve real-time insights across petabytes of images, video, text, social media and other structured queries using Pavilion Data’s NVMe-oF storage array.
See how Pavilion Data’s NVMe-oF Storage Array and IBM Spectrum Scale deliver unprecedented accuracy and agility in Facial Recognition applications.
Pavilion Data’s NVMe-oF Storage Array delivers orders of magnitude more throughput for IBM Spectrum Scale, with the manageability, security, and reliability you expect from SAN.
Government Icon


Artificial intelligence and analytics are game-changing technologies for governments. By managing citizen information with large-scale repositories and creating effective communications to the right individuals via their preferred channel is rapidly becoming the most effective means of communications. Similarly, cleansing large data sets for accuracy, geo-location, contextual reference, and pattern identification allows governments to increase citizen engagement and satisfaction.


Traditional SAN and NAS architectures have reached their limits for big data and fast analytics, and the exorbitant cost of licenses and support for these systems limit IT budget from performing real transformation.


Pavilion Data’s NVMe-oF Storage Array delivers the performance, economics, and flexibility of server-side storage and the reliability, security, and manageability of SAN.
Pavilion Data’s NVMe-oF Storage Array dramatically improves the performance of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics applications, helping Governments better engage with, manage and support their citizen populations in real-time.