Disaggregation means less aggravation.  Traditional Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) deployments of NVMe can take you only so far before the ugly truth about utilization and manageability of the most expensive storage in the data center is exposed.  Your decision to deploy modern application stacks with massively parallel processing and analytics is brilliant.  Now it’s time for the 3rd wave of NVMe where the separation of storage and compute gives you cost control and features that make your applications even better.  Deployed at some of the largest hyperscalers in the world, we understand your challenges and make it easy to do business.

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If you need consistent, reliable quality of service for search, streaming and recommendation engines and across millions of users and billions of stored assets, Pavilion Data has your back.  Deliver operational efficiency at rack-scale without complex software on every host.  Design scale-out systems without worry for storage provisioning, node recovery and application impact if a drive fails.  Enjoy the freedom of OPENCHOICE Storage™ to deploy the latest and largest NVMe SSDs from your preferred drive-maker.  Investment protection, a future-proof architecture and simplicity at scale are just a few of our benefits.
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Containers enable you to develop applications fast.  But migrating containerized apps into production on Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) is complicated and traditional AFAs were never designed to be part of a massive scale-out architecture.


In the new paradigm of NVMe-oF disaggregated infrastructure, resources should be readily available and deployed in a snap so that the ever-changing requirements can be satisfied instantly.  Pavilion lets you size containers and volumes precisely for your workloads, perform instant snapshots and clones without network impact and deploy from test to production in a seamless fashion within a system or across an entire cluster.  With a 4U array capable of storing up to a petabyte and delivering 20M IOPS at 40 microseconds of NVMe-oF latency, it’s never been easier to be the nimble and reliable DevOps team.
See how one of the world’s largest online reservation retailers leverages Pavilion Data’s Hyperparallel NVMe-oF Array to maintain their competitive advantage and deliver customer satisfaction.
The DevOps team of a leading consumer online services provider was unable to meet their charter of rapidly deploying containerized workloads. See how they created a “Containers-as-a-Service” model by migrating off server-side storage to Pavilion’s Hyperparallel NVMe-oF storage solution.
Deploy up to 4X less flash and increase compute density per rack in Apache Cassandra environments with Pavilion Data.
Pavilion Data increases storage utilization by as much as 4x, reduces costs, and simplifies operational complexity without compromising performance in Aerospike applications.
Scale compute, network, and storage resources independently and on-demand for the rapid deployment of high-performance containerized workloads.