IT organizations have been dealing with data’s relentless and unabated expansion for many years. Storing, managing, protecting, analyzing, and rapidly reacting to data growth is an ever-evolving adaptive process, and it’s only getting more challenging. Modern applications were designed to process swelling amounts of data in real-time, but legacy all-flash arrays, software-defined storage, and server-side storage architectures present performance, operational management and utilization challenges that out-size the problems they solve.


Don’t split your infrastructure to speed individual analytics processes. Pavilion delivers orders of magnitude more throughput for Big Data analytics. Faster performance, less copy time, and fewer copies to manage so time to insight is drastically reduced. With more powerful data access, raise your per core throughput for analytics applications and significantly lower the cost of infrastructure.


Read this Case Study to learn why a leading financial organization deploys Pavilion to future-proof their real-time analytics platforms that require massive parallelism.